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Katherine Hepburn


  • An original image of Katharine Hepburn
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Hand made and primed linen substrate in my studio Brighton UK
  • Giclee Prints available
  • Will last for lifetimes
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An original oil painting based on the photographs of Katharine Hepburn. Deeply moved by an interview with Clive James that showed Ms Hepburn’s incredible character, I was inspired to create this work.

This portrait is painted on canvas and is a portrait of the incredible actor


Katharine Hepburn stayed well and active throughout her 98 years and still is a great inspiration for actors. During the process of completing a portrait, I begin by getting a basic composition in place. This will include capturing the characteristics of the individual. Then I will apply several layers of paint. 


As the character develops I will find any material for example with Hepburn an interview inspired me greatly. The layers of paint gradually bring it alive. My aim is to reveal a freshness that is almost alive when you are in its company.

I have aimed to capture her grace and strength in this work.


Please join my email list if you have anyone that you really want to see as a portrait. If you direct message me on the messenger service I am always happy to undergo working on a piece. Whether you purchase the finished article is completely up to you of course.



original and prints

original, medium, small, postcard


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