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July 4, 2020

Art – confidence to make new work

Oil on Canvas

Doing is a way to grow in confidence

Confidence is a big word, especially if you don't have it. The truth is it is a bit like a tree. When it is a sapling, it can fall over in a strong wind. The bigger it gets, the more used to the gusts of adversity it becomes.

Some people can appear full of confidence but don't deliver. I am finding that painting pictures develop through the practice of doing not theorising. I grow more confident by doing.  The discourse becomes interesting as competence evolves.

Creativity can act as the start of something. I realise that this is what I respond to most positively. Consequently setting new goals and projects enables growth and a deeper understanding of a process. The question of the impact of a piece of work is secondary. The act and duration of making or creating are where the development is at its most relevant and compelling.

Expanding and broadening output

To broaden my palette and express myself using differing mediums allows me to question and reflect on my why. At times I am oblivious to any of this. Setting regular tasks and driving myself to complete them is the means of understanding myself better. Anything that is worth doing will be greeted with resistance.

As an aeroplane needs resistance to launch our creative journey begins with a push against doubt and fear. Abstract work has made me check my limitations and allow my life to make marks on a canvas and then adjust. Paint is applied, looked at and moved. Stand back review and then modify.

Working at it every day

The daily task is to get in front of a canvas and take action. A couple of hours or even just a few minutes is enough time to make a difference. It's valuable to be away from the painting. I take pictures on my phone and glance at it during this time. Subconsciously, I am reflecting on and making decisions about the work.

Abstract representation serves as a useful description and enables me to reconcile at this stage of my developing practice. Painting from the heart is my process. Trusting that my life is well equipped and able to create is an ongoing challenge.

We are so lucky to be able to access information on a plethora of techniques through blogs and videos. To watch and absorb is inspiring. There is no need to try and recreate these different styles. I have noticed how a nugget of insight can resurface in really beneficial ways

My day starts with a cup of tea and then chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo. My Buddhist practice is an essential part of my daily life. Next, I  have breakfast that has now become a healthy one. Then out with my dear friend Ginger Rogers a lovely Podengo do who is also my studio buddy.

With this exercise and time to refresh, I am ready to get to work. The morning is on a laptop and about Art as a business. It is meant to be but often deviates into alternative tasks. Sending my work onto Social media platforms is helpful.

After lunch, we make our way to the studio. I can work for a couple of hours at a time before becoming blind to what I am doing. Afternoon and evening suffice. I am not confined to painting but also make music. The connections with others help me to stay on track.

New work arrives, then my confidence grows.

Many thanks

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