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February 25, 2020

Thought Collage – Picture in Words

Grabbed by Envy - Poem - Thought Collage

Grabbed by Envy

Twenty days undertaking the signs
An eighty mile an hour history maker
My turn comes in separation
In relation, to the other types
Green, taught by tied up meddlers
Tuned to an adverse key
A rapid turn, door opening partition.
To keep to a few instead of the masses
The many who hoard experiences in their bank accounts
Who swim in the Mediterranean
Whose glasses full, whistle past the mucked up proposals
Made by talk the talk hot heads
Who are there to make me grow up
Up and over
The grey and sombre mountains
Just sticking out like a drifter
Pressing down on the ruby red retainer
Have the clarity to be
Put away in carefully selected cupboards
Calculated for ease
Measured and a comfort
To all but myself

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 3rd August 2015

Sodden Day

Closet wilting flower opens grieving heart spoken
Gushing with torrents pouring
Crash barriers breaking smiles
Like young horses bucked and chaste
Lampooning champions of underground movements
Blister packs squeezed, floating past man made open drains
Stains on blemishes
Clamps of stretched opinions
Reasons unfathomable
like deep oceans of simple dreams
Floating impertinently in public
Like slime sliding slippery and unseen
Broken free from drizzly forecasts
A blast of volcanic lava
Scorches intent
Brave mothers tender and loving to the pit of censure sent

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 25th August 2015

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Thought Collage – Picture in Words

Thought Collage – Picture in Words


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