February 20, 2020

Oil Painting Sun Sea

Some of my latest work is ready to go on the shop page

Sun Sea – Oil Painting on Canvas

Oil Painting Sun Sea

Painting Seascapes is where it all began for me. The emotional connection with the sea is so fundamental and primal. After suffering a heart attack I discovered painting as a perfect means to express my feelings. This painting is one of my most recent. Another thing about painting these scenes is the freedom I feel when executing the work. Like a dance with my heart

Oil Painting Future Sea

Oil Painting – Future Seas

Oil Painting Future Sea

I have been working on this painting for some time now. Gradually the image has become this futuristic almost sci-fi seascape. I am a lover of the modern films and imagery. This is not specific to any particular film but makes me think of lucid dreaming reflecting scenes that seem to be in my memory

Oil Painting Evening light

Oil painting – Evening light

Oil Painting Evening light

My love for Brighton and its sea front continues to develop. I can only imagine this view from high up above the sea looking towards the pier. I keep coming back to this vision. My father ashes were cast into the sea and I often think that maybe it my eternal link with him that is helping soar above the waves

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